International & Other Tournaments
The Goodricke International Open, was the best known championship organized by the Alekhine Chess Club. The Goodricke International Open Chess Tournament was adjudicated in the year 2000 as one of the best seven tournaments in the world. This is a rare distinction to the organisers. The Goodricke was one of the strongest open chess tournament in the world, and features over a dozen international grandmasters every year till 2002.
The Goodricke Open has also brought some legends of chess to India. Former world champion Smyslov has played in the meet, while Korchnoi, who twice challenged Karpov for the world title, played in the Y2K edition. Besides several highly rated Grandmasters who were in top 50 list of World Chess federation, took part in several Gransmaster chess tournaments organized by the club at Gorky Sadan.
The club also organizes other tournaments ranging from strong national level rating tournaments to local weekenders. The Master's Championships, like Kolkata Open Chess, is the strongest tournament after the Goodricke Open in Kolkata.
The club also organized the Tata-Steel Grandmaster Chess Tournaments, The Telegraph International Youth Chess Tournament and many other National level tournaments at Gorky Sadan, Kolkata. After Goodricke Open, the club also started organizing Kolkata Open Gransmaster Chess Tournament for 5 years and it is expected that the same would be hosted soon at Gorky Sadan, Kolkata. Several chess players from West Bengal as well as from our country came intoprominence from the Masters events organized by the club at Gorky Sadan.
Another yearly event of the club has been sponsored by the daily media The Telegraph, is also very popular in the name of The Telegraph Schools Chess Championship. This event is recognised by the All India Chess Federation as the only rated chess tournament for school children in the country. Before the final round in Kolkata, the event is usually organized by the club at Bhubaneswar, Tata Steel in Jamshedpur and in Guwahati. The last the The Telegraph Schools Chess Championship was organized in November 2011 at Gorky Sadan and 500+ schoolchess players participated in the meet and it was widely publicized by dailies and electronic media all over the country. GM Viswanathan Anand also came for the occasion and he gave a simultaneous to 30 prize winners, posed for pictures with the winners, signed autograph books of the participants and also gave several tips to the winners to develop their games.
A number of distinguished guests and eminent personalities including State and Union Ministers, Lok Sava Speaker, reputed players from Cricket, Football, Tennis and Archery visited the club. Alekhine Chess Club which is now internationally famous. Mother Teresa also visited us during Prize Distribution ceremony of one Grandmaster Chess Tournament. Most of the renowned Grandmasters are eager to take part in different international events organized by the club at Gorky Sadan.Several world top ranking players including Viswanathan Anand, Viktor Korchonoi, women's world champion Maya Chiburdanidsze, Ex-world champion Vasily Smyslov, Nigel Short and many others took part in different international grandmaster chess tournaments organized by the club at Gorky Sadan.
The Alekhine Chess Club, which celebrated its silver jubilee in the year 2001, is perhaps the best-known chess institution in India. Its global reputation derives from the many tournaments it conducts. This includes International meets; national meets as well as tournaments to foster local talent. It is one of the best clubs in India providing Chess Coaching to young players and it also helps out the students for their taking part in various tournaments to gain National and International exposure.